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Applications are open for the 2020-2021

Board of Directors & Committee Members


1. Open positions elected by Membership for a TWO-YEAR term beginning May 2020, ending April 2022:

§  President-Elect – Current Board Member: Kara Whaley –  Presidentelect@cleveland2030.org

§  Marketing Director – Current Board Member: Dustin Fatch – Marketing@cleveland2030.org

§  Education Director – Current Board Member: Brandon Hutton – Education@cleveland2030.org

§  Membership Director – Current Board Member: Melanie Raese – Membership@cleveland2030.0rg

§  Philanthropy Director Current Board Member: Polly Mytinger – Philanthropy@cleveland2030.org

2. Open positions appointed by the Board for a ONE-YEAR term beginning  May 2020, ending April 2021:

§  Secretary – Current Board Member: Carly Boyd – Secretary@cleveland2030.org

3. Committee Positions appointed by the President and Chairperson for a ONE YEAR term beginning May 2020, ending April 2021:

§  Social Committee [Three seats available] – Social@cleveland2030.0rg

§  Membership Committee [Three seats available]  Membership@cleveland2030.0rg

§  Communications & Marketing Committee [Three seats available] Communications@cleveland2030.0rg

§  Philanthropy Committee [Three seats available] – Philanthrhopy@cleveland2030.org

§  Education Committee [Three seats available] – Education@cleveland2030.org

The following positions are being sought by a current Board Member:

§  *General Counsel  – Current Board Member: Chris Diehl – Generalcounsel@cleveland2030.org

§  *Treasurer Current Board Member: Mike Vuraich– Treasurer@cleveland2030.org

§  *Technology Director  – Current Board Member:  Melvin Reyes – Technology@cleveland2030.org

§  *Sponsorship Director  – Current Board Member: Jeff Ryder – Sponsorship@cleveland2030.org

§  *Networking Director – Current Board Member: Demetri Kachevas – Networking@cleveland2030.org

* Indicates that Incumbent is seeking re-election/appointment


§  For questions/concerns about the responsibilities of each position, please contact the current Board member via the Club email provided above. Vacant positions’ email addresses are monitored by the President and President-Elect.

§  Candidates must have been actively involved in the Club and be a paid member in good standing.  Questions of standing can be directed to Membership@cleveland2030.org.

§  All terms begin on the date of the Club’s 2020 annual meeting, and conclude on the date of the Club’s annual meeting in the year indicated above (except the President-Elect which is a one-year term concluding April, 2021, followed by a successive one-year term as President beginning April, 2021, and concluding on April, 2022).

§  All candidates must agree to and sign the Statement of Board Expectations (attached at the end of this application) before their candidacy is official and follow all Club Rules & Regulations while in Office.

§  For contested races, or otherwise at the discretion of the Nominating Committee, candidates (except incumbent candidates) must attend an interview with the Nominating Committee during the early weeks of May. Locations, exact dates, and times are TBA.

§  Official Board Elections will be conducted at the State of the Club Annual Meeting to be held on a to-be-determines date.  Location: to-be determined.

§  Proxy voting is available via email starting at noon on April 27, 2020, and closing on 3:00p.m. on April 28, 2020. Please contact GeneralCounsel@cleveland2030.0rg for information about voting by proxy.  

Letters of Intent must be submitted per the instructions below by no later than 11:59 PM ET, May 3, 2020. LOI’s received after this date will, at the discretion of the Nominating Committee, be deemed ineligible.  Candidates are required (unless otherwise approved by the Nominating Committee) to attend the Club’s Annual Meeting on TBD.   If your race is contested, you will be permitted to give a 2 minute presentation followed by Q&A from members in attendance.