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Positions elected by Membership for a TWO-YEAR term beginning September 15, 2020, ending April, 2022:


The main role of the President-Elect is to learn the operation of all aspects of the Club and the assist in the management of the organization. This includes oversight of the various committees and directors as well as the Web site and communications functions. The position of PE is a dynamic position and changes slightly from year to year. In general, though, the PE should: Maintain an overtly non-partisan and agnostic culture within the Club; work with President to thoroughly understand overall leadership requirements of the Executive Board; set board policy on overall issues; enforce Board policies alongside the President; offer advice and guidance to fellow board members on a case by case basis; and maintain frequent communication with community leaders and also other Young Professional Group leaders in and around Greater Cleveland. After a one-year term as President-Elect, the person automatically assumes a one-year term as President. For more information, contact the current Director at president-elect@cleveland2030.org.