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Making the transition from school to a career takes work. It is not easy to do by yourself.

A few people decided they did not want to do it alone; they wanted to meet other like-minded, young professionals. They decided to meet monthly and discuss "being young in Cleveland." In 2001, Luke Elsass and other young professionals from the City formed what is now The Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club.

During the early years, under Luke's leadership, the future of the Club took shape. The members organized monthly events around four areas: Social, Education, Philanthropy, and Networking. Each event drew new people into the group. Soon word spread beyond the founders and reached a wider audience of young professionals in the region.

Three years after Luke founded the Club, its popularity began to spread. The Club was growing, the future looked bright, and no one anticipated what came next. The Cleveland Plain Dealer published an article on the Club, spotlighting its popularity, its members, and its importance to the young professional community. Following that article, membership exploded.

When the Plain Dealer article appeared in 2004, the Club hosted a total of eight philanthropy, five educational, four networking, and four major social events along with the monthly Around Towns. In 2009, the Club hosted over 130 events. The Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club continued to grow and expand, becoming the city's largest and longest-running young professional organization.

As we look to the future, we also look back with pride on those who came before us; those who volunteered countless hours, invested continuous energy and passion, and laid the foundation for what the Club is today.