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Congratulations to our Member Of The Quarter!

Introducing The Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club's Member of the Quarter, Andrea Floro! Andrea is employed by LifeAct as Program Manager and joined The 20/30 Club to become more active in Cleveland's Young Professional scene.

Below is a brief bio and Q&A that we did with Andrea! If you see her at an event over the next few months, be sure to congratulate her!

1) What is your occupation and company?

Program Manager at LifeAct

2) How were you introduced to the Club?

I was looking for ways to get involved in Cleveland’s young professional community, and found my first event several years ago through a Google search. I met so many great people, and the warm welcome sealed the deal for me to keep coming back.

3) What made you decide to become a member?

The Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club fills a vital role in having a healthy young professional community by acting as a centralized “hub” for making connections and enjoying unique opportunities. I wanted to support an organization that is making broad impact and has a solid reputation.

4) What do you enjoy most about the Club that keeps you coming back?

I love the intersection of new relationships, new places, and new experiences with seeing familiar faces and deepening the connection with my city.

5) What's one fun fact about you that people typically don't know?

As a kid, I refused to say I was “afraid” of spiders; I wasn’t afraid of anything, so I “hated” them. One day, I decided to face my unnamed fear by holding a tarantula. Instead of conquering the fear, I embraced it and nearly threw the thing across the room. The experience left me both authentic and armed, with flip-flop in hand.

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